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This is Your Site

Information which affects you should be free. This was the purpose of the Internet - to allow people from all over the globe to share information freely. It was not designed to allow scammers to cheat people from the safety of their homes. It was not designed to allow spammers to flood your inbox with fake offers. We believe that you have a right to be informed and that this information should be free. So we have gathered important information which should concern you and have placed it all here for you. If you have questions, you are welcome to email. There are no clubs to join, no memberships to pay.

Want to build your own internet business? We can help. Want to know how to get a merchant account so you can accept credit cards? We can help. Want to avoid being scammed? We can advise you on that, too. All for free. Even 11 FREE Epson ink cartridges every month.

There are thousands of sites advertising things for "FREE." But "FREE" often has a catch. To get your "FREE" computer, you only have to sign up for three years of overpriced Internet access, using their software which bombards you with ads and tracks your every move. "FREE" software where you have to pay membership to a club that will advertise obsolete software at the original list price and charge obscene handling fees for your "free" items. Some sites do offer free items but only to get your personal information and sell it to other companies. Then there are the fraudulent sites that will sell you illegal software or offer rebates that you will never see.

On this site, FREE means FREE. The free offers are free. HTML, ASP and Javascripts are free. (Play the online games we have added. The code to do this is right here.) We have many informative articles on numerous subjects and more added constantly. We advise you of offers we recommend and sites we feel are worthwhile but it is entirely your choice to visit. The offers we recommend are those we have tried ourselves. We will also warn you about deals and sites to avoid, the latest scams and how to protect yourself on line.

Why do we do it? We remember when we first started and had to depend on others for help. Now we're passing it on. However, maintaining a site like this takes time and money. We don't charge anything. All we ask for is that you think of us when you are shopping for one of the items we carry, such as batteries and ink jet cartridges.

This site is what YOU make it. You can simply lurk in the background, read the articles and never leave a clue that you were here. We urge you to participate, by giving us some feedback, telling us what you like or suggesting improvements. We answer email promptly.

This site is a labor of love. We have tried to fill it with content that will appeal to a wide variety of people. Check out our links, with new ones being added constantly.